Two boudoir shots of a man and woman sitting on a sofa, captured by an experienced photographer.

The Boudoir Photographer

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The photographers

I'm Justin Manders and together with Cindy we create beautiful boudoir photos. Cindy's social flair and my passion for capturing female power are the perfect mix. So you have the choice of being photographed by a man or a female photographer to be photographed. Our goal is simple: to reveal your true beauty and strength. Check out the portfolio and consider a unique photo shoot with us. Feel free to send us a message, we are excited to create something special together.

A boudoir shot of a woman in lingerie on a bed.

How we operate

We go for a natural style that showcases your personality. Our sessions are fun and relaxed, with simple poses that feel easy. We pay unobtrusive attention to the light and your pose, for an authentic look in every photo.

A woman in white lingerie poses elegantly on a bed during a boudoir shoot in The Hague.

Divergent Styles in photography

In our approach to photography, we explore a wide range of styles that celebrate the unique beauty and personality of each individual. We specialise in Glamour photography, Pin-up, Classic Boudoir and Erotic photography. Each style offers a different aesthetic and emotional experience, enabling us to create authentic and meaningful images. Our flexible and personalised approach ensures that every photo shoot is a comfortable and unforgettable experience.

A boudoir photographer capturing a woman lying on a bed.
A woman gets ready for her wedding in a white corset, beautifully captured by a boudoir photographer.

Take control

Each person has a unique story and beauty waiting to be discovered. Our boudoir photography is more than just taking pretty pictures; it's about celebrating your authenticity and self-confidence. It's your chance to take charge and see yourself through this lens. Contact us and let's work together to create your unique visual story that will resonate for years to come.


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