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The best lens for boudoir photography

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If you can only have one lens to photograph a boudoir shoot then the choice is simple. In this article, I will tell you which lens is my preferred lens and why. The focal length of the lenses are based on a full-frame sensor.

A camera lens placed on a wooden table against a soft brown background.A camera lens placed on a wooden table against a plain beige background.

The 50 mm lens

This lens is the best lens for boudoir because in a typical boudoir room, you can take the most photos. This lens has distortion for a portrait but not too much to make it disturbing. The intimacy this lens gives is just right. You are not too close but not too far away either. This makes the feel of the photo pleasant. It is the most natural lens because it has almost the same magnification as the human eye. So this lens does not make objects smaller or larger. Which makes it easier to visualise what your composition should be.

A woman sitting on a bed.

In the sample photo, you can see the 50 mm lens at aperture 1.4. A half-total shot or a seated pose works best in my opinion.

A camera lens with a hood attached, standing upright on a wooden surface against a plain brown background.A camera lens is placed upright on a wooden surface against a plain beige background, marked by a shadow on the right.

The 85 mm lens

If you are going to photograph someone's face, with this lens you have no noticeable distortion while you can still be close. For many, it is the lens for portrait photography. This lens zooms in slightly but not much making it still useful for many shots. The advantage of this lens is that you can shoot a portrait of just the face while keeping everything in proportion. A bonus is that because of its focus length, you get a depth of field of 0.76 cm, allowing you to get only the eye in focus.

Woman with long wavy hair posing against a shimmering golden background, hands folded at her cheek, as sunlight casts patterns on her skin.
A camera lens placed on a wooden surface against a plain, light brown background.A camera lens on a wooden table against a warm beige background.

These three lens types are the most logical lenses to use for a boudoir photo shoot. Want more boudoir view photos taken mainly with these lenses click the button below.

The 35 mm lens

When you are in a small space or you want more background in your photo then the 35mm is your friend. This lens has distortion to consider but is perfect for landscape portraits. The lens is considered a standard lens or a starting wide-angle. Because you simply have more image you can put more objects in the picture for an atmosphere photo, for example.

A woman in lingerie strikingly poses for a Beach photo shoot, sitting on the ground in front of a mirror.
A woman in lingerie lying on the floor.


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