The photographers

Meet our boudoir specialists, Justin and Cindy. Justin, whose work can be seen on this website, captures elegance and confidence with his camera. For a softer, feminine approach, Cindy is on hand. Both provide a unique and comfortable photo session experience.

Justin Manders sits on a sofa with a cat.
A woman in leather trousers sitting on a stool.

About Justin

I am a boudoir photographer with a passion for capturing female beauty and power and a graduate of photography school. As the photographer behind the boudoir photos on, I specialise in creating intimate, stylish and sensual images of women. My goal is to help women see the most beautiful in themselves.

About Cindy

I love people immensely and have therefore enjoyed capturing them for years. For me, boudoir photography is about creating an image as you like to see yourself, or how you might like to see yourself one day. Sensual, sexy or romantic - we will capture it together. It is very important to me that you feel comfortable during the photo shoot, and that we take the pictures you are looking forward to.