A woman in black lingerie taking a boudoir selfie with her smartphone.

Taking boudoir photos with your smartphone

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Suppose you want to capture the timeless beauty of your body in a way that is both elegant and sophisticated. In that case boudoir photography at the top of the list. But what if you don't have a professional camera? No worries! After all, the most powerful camera is the one you already own: your smartphone. In this article, I reveal the secrets to taking breathtaking boudoir photos with your mobile phone.

Smartphone photography

Use pro mode

When using your smartphone to take boudoir photos, pro mode or manual mode allows you to manually adjust camera settings for optimal results. This gives you control over crucial elements like lighting, giving your photos a professional look.

Remember that in smartphone photography, shutter speed is most important. Furthermore, the Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO values make the photo lighter and darker. When you reduce one of these three it has to be compensated for in the others to keep the exposure the same.

Shutter speed setting

Shutter speed is the time what the sensor of camera leaves on.
In pro mode, you can set the shutter speed manually. Use a shutter speed of at least 1/60 second to avoid motion blur.

Understanding aperture

Your camera's aperture is often denoted by an 'F' followed by a number, such as F2.8. This number indicates the size of the opening in your lens through which light enters.

ISO Values

ISO refers to your camera's sensitivity to light. Lower values like ISO 100 are ideal for high-light situations as they produce minimal noise, resulting in brighter and sharper images. When shooting in well-lit environments, such as next to a window with natural light, it is best to use a low ISO to maximise the quality of your boudoir photos.

By adjusting these settings in your smartphone's pro mode, you can significantly improve the quality and look of your boudoir photos.

Smartphone photography

Light, Camera, Action!

Light is the soul of photography. Use the soft, diffused light of an overcast day or position yourself close to a window on a sunny afternoon for that perfect glow. A white sheet can work wonders do to soften the light and create a dreamy atmosphere. Also focus on the subject and the light falling on it. Adjust your exposure accordingly.

You can use natural light or use a lamp. The photo above was taken with a lamp. Make sure the light is overhead (Even when lying down) this often comes across most naturally.

Distance matters

Avoid that unwanted selfie distortion by keeping your phone at a distance. Set the camera to 2x zoom to get less distortion. That way your nose doesn't look bigger than it is. Use a tripod or improvise with books. The self-timer is your best friend: set it, pose, and let the camera do the work.

Smartphone photography

Think in pictures

If you have a photo you are happy with. Then go on to make it even better and create variations. Place objects in your right place in the photo. Discover where your eyes want to look first. Take the time to not only look but also see.

Smartphone photography

It's about the corner

Every angle tells a different story. Play with perspectives to highlight different aspects of yourself. A low angle can convey strength and self-assurance, while a high angle can suggest softness and vulnerability.

Smartphone photography

By following these simple yet creative guidelines, any woman can create her own boudoir photographer be armed with nothing more than a smartphone and a dose of self-confidence. The beauty of boudoir photography lies not in image perfection, but in celebrating yourself. So grab that phone, be creative, and let the magic happen.


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