A woman in black lingerie posed on a table.

Boudoir Photography Techniques

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In this article, we dive into the heart of boudoir photography techniques, from using light and shadow to directing poses and creating a beautiful image.

A woman in lingerie stands in front of a window.

Making a Silhouette

At boudoir photography, creating a silhouette is a powerful way to capture mystery and elegance. The key lies in positioning a strong light source such as the sun or a flash with a snoot directly behind the model, creating a sharp contrast between the lit background and the dark model.

Keep in mind that when light shines through a voile curtain, this curtain acts as a light source. The distance between the model and the curtain affects the strength of the silhouette because diffused light wraps around the model when it is close.

A woman in black lingerie lying on a bed.

Mimicking the sun ( parallel light )

The photo above was taken with flash light on a dark rainy one in December. The way I took this picture is by using a flash through an optical snoot with a gobo to make it look like leaves during sunset.

When making sunlight, it is important not to make the light too harsh while at a great distance. So you can see that the light from the flash is somewhat soft but the shadow under her neck is very harsh. The colour of the light was later adjusted by simply changing the white balance.

A woman with red hair sitting on a chair during a boudoir photo shoot in Rotterdam, elegantly holding a blade of grass.

Adding and removing light

By adding or removing light, you can create a completely different image. In this photo, the light was stopped from falling behind her head. This gives the photo more contrast even in soft light.

A woman with a sun tattoo on her back.

Mastering various boudoir photography techniques opens the door to a world of artistic expression and creativity, allowing every photographer can capture the unique beauty and intimacy of their subjects in a deeper and more meaningful way.


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