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Creating a model portfolio

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Creating a portfolio of models can feel like putting together a puzzle. Which pieces belong in it and how do you make sure the picture is complete? Here is a guide to help you put that puzzle together, without the business jargon.

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Why a Portfolio?

Think of your portfolio as your fashion diary. It shows who you are, what you can do and how you have grown. And just like a diary, you want it to be real you reflects.

A woman leaning against a tree showing off her model portfolio.

Your Roadmap:

1. Choose 'Wow' Photos

Make sure every photo you choose has a 'wow' factor. You only have a few seconds to impress!

2. Show your diverse sides

From laughing in the rain to looking serious in a city background, show that you can handle different styles and moods.

3. Invest in Good Photos

Those selfies with your phone? Super for Instagram, but your portfolio deserves professional shots.

4. Keep Renewing Yourself

Just as you refresh your wardrobe from time to time, you should also update your portfolio with new looks.

5. Add some boudoir magic

Boudoir photography is not just another photo in lingerie. It is about self-confidence, power and celebrate your femininity. It can show an exciting, new side of you.

6. Present it Beautifully

Of het nu een chic boek is of een stijlvolle online gallery, zorg dat het er professioneel uitziet.

A woman poses for beach photos in tall grass at sunset.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Be Real: Don't try to be someone else. Authenticity is golden in the fashion world.
  • Less is More: Go for subtle retouching. You want to stay natural.
  • Feedback is your Friend: Get opinions from people you trust.
  • Safety First: If you opt for boudoir photography, make sure you feel comfortable and that the environment is safe.
A woman lies on the grass and smokes a cigarette in front of her model portfolio.


Creating your modelling portfolio is a journey. It is a reflection of who you are and where you want to go. With passion, preparation and a touch of boudoir magic, you are ready to conquer the fashion world! Good luck!


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